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Which presentation software is right for you? The review of 39 programs (part 2)

I decided to make my own rating of programs for creating presentations in order to choose the most convenient and functional for each of the tasks. In the comments, you can also share your experience of using the monitored services or suggest for analysis those that were not included in my rating.

In this review, I will analyze these services: Ludus, Slider, Tilda, LibreOffice, Haiku Deck.

And in order to quickly compare all programs by the main parameters, you can use the pivot table.


Ludus with its name resembles one of the magic spells, and the service developers themselves promise us almost magical possibilities.

For example, there are 16 different blend modes in the editor tools, including multiply, screen, and overlay for editing loaded elements.

The magic begins already at the moment of creating a presentation: the work takes place online, in real time. The interface of the editor is quite intuitive: on the left are slide layouts, on the right is the working area, on the sides of the toolbar.

Here you can download your favorite fonts from Google fonts or select the system ones. You can also add GIFs and videos, or make a beautiful slide with overlay effects on the image.

It is also possible to materialize data from your cloud file system onto a slide. Use data from: Figma, Unsplash, Framer GIPHY, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. In a matter of seconds, the presentation can turn into a PPTX or PDF file, or become a code to be embedded into the site.

You can add your own domain to the finished presentation.

Ludus will not be easy for beginners to understand. The service has a lot of opportunities, but to use them, you need knowledge of English, because there is no interface in Russian, and the developers do not plan to Russify the service in the near future.

But you can always look at the ready-made instructions on the Ludus website, tutorials on Youtube, and even just google.

Now more about the pros and cons.

  1. The service integrates with YouTube, GIPHY, Google Fonts, Figma and other resources, which saves time, energy and hard drive space,
  2. You can work on a joint project together with colleagues, it’s faster and more convenient,
  3. You can even export HTML / PDF offline,
  4. It is also possible to broadcast your presentation in video format in a special “Speaker view” mode.
  1. Despite the fairly wide functionality, some functions are clearly lacking, for example, you cannot adjust the image, but I would like to
  2. You will have to tinker with the interface to figure it out. There are a lot of buttons, but the same “Make it beautiful” is not,
  3. The selection of ready-made templates is rather scarce,
  4. There is no Russian version.

Ludus is a great solution if you need to work on a presentation together with a team, and then embed the finished product on the site.

On the one hand, the service will save a little (and maybe a lot) of space on your disk through integrations with other services. On the other hand, some manipulations will have to be performed in good old photoshop or another image processing program, and only then, using overlays, create an incredible illustration.


Slider is a suitable service for creating commercial offers and reporting presentations. In order to make beautiful and high-quality slides in the program, no special skills or knowledge are required.

It is enough to use a ready-made template (in the library you can choose a template for almost any business task) or ask the designer to develop your own template.

Headache – slide design doesn’t bother you anymore. Content only, hardcore only.

Templates for digital agencies, construction companies, travel companies, photography studio, fitness center and other business areas.

Let’s move on to a detailed review.

  1. The service will help automate work with commercial offers. Each template has an editable area where relevant content will be entered. This feature will simplify your work and help you get the job done faster,
  2. You can upload a file with a finished presentation in pptx, png and pdf formats. Or you can create a link and send a commercial offer in the landing page format,
  3. If a commercial offer is sent using a link, the service will show detailed analytics: total and average viewing time of the presentation, the number of downloads of the pdf file. You can set up analytics for each slide separately. This feature will be a boon for an internet marketer,
  4. You can add a google analytics counter to your presentation. You can also insert links to the site, edit the bottom block of content in which HTML or YouTube video code is inserted,
  5. There is an opportunity to work on the content of the presentation as a team.
  1. You will not be able to create your own design inside the service, just upload a ready-made template in which changes will be made,
  2. The collection of ready-made templates from the service is not yet large enough, but it is constantly being updated. In addition, this problem is solved by the ability to import your own pptx. templates.

Slider is a tool that will help a sales manager, marketer or any leading professional to quickly and easily create high-quality presentations to send to colleagues or clients.

Previously, these people had to worry about the appearance of the slides, endlessly hiring or additionally burdening the designer. Now you can focus on the content.


Why did we include a website builder in this review?

Yes, with the help of Tilda, first of all, they create beautiful and animated websites. But you can also make presentations for the web format.

To do this, select the “Other” section and the T203 block in the block library. The blocks on the page will now become slides.

Let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Ready-made blocks will help you quickly and beautifully design a slide (in fact, a block) without specific knowledge, which is a big plus for beginners,
  2. You can work on the presentation with a team,
  3. The presentation will be saved in the landing page format. Can be downloaded in pdf format,
  4. The professional plan allows you to copy the source code of the page, which means you can embed the presentation into the main site.
  1. It will not work to save the presentation in pptx.,
  2. Some videos stop working after being converted to a presentation.

Tilda is suitable not only for the development of animation sites, but also for the creation of web presentations.

Impress (LibreOffice)

This is the same office suite that you have to install with a sour face on your face when you realize that they save money on MS Office. What is the problem, it would seem? Free analogue after all. But the problem is that the functionality of the program is much poorer than the MS Office package.

Does this program have any advantages? We’ll find out now.

  1. Open source, i.e. Anyone can take part in improving the program,
  2. Libre Office is compatible with MS Office (however, be prepared for the fact that slides can “go” a lot),
  3. This is the most complete free office suite available.
  4. On Google Play and the App Store there is a version of the LibreOffice Impress Remote application (a remote control for control from Android, iOS gadgets).
  1. You cannot install the Impress utility (for working with presentations) separately from other programs in the package,
  2. Installation takes a long time,
  3. Many of Impress’s features don’t match the capabilities of PowerPoint. For example, editing videos in slides,
  4. The program interface looks very outdated.

1. In order to save money, some government agencies in France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and other countries use Libreoffice instead of MS Office, or plan to replace the current software with a free analogue.

2. Some countries, on the contrary, abandon Libreoffice after an unsuccessful implementation. For example, the administration of the Italian city of Pesaro spent 3 years on staff training, but abandoned the program due to problems in working with databases. The council of the German city of Freinburg has estimated the economic losses associated with the transition to Libreoffice at 2.5 million euros.

Impress LibreOffice is a lightweight alternative to PowerPoint. It’s free – this is the main advantage. The program will not help to create a professional business presentation, but for small projects on a quick hand, it will do.

Haiku Deck

This service is a godsend for those who value simplicity and minimalism in presentation design.

It won’t work to cram a lot of content into 1 slide, as the developers try to keep the presentations clean and laconic: you can add 1 thesis and a picture / diagram, no more.

Working with a presentation in Haiku Deck is as simple as possible: you just need to choose a slide template, background image, font and chart type, if necessary.

Now let’s move on to an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. It has a simple set of functions and a library of high-quality images, which allows you to create a presentation quickly (it takes less than a minute for 1 slide),
  2. If the ready-made image library is not enough, you can upload your content from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, etc.,
  3. Export to pptx is possible. and pdf.
  1. There is no interface russification. There are very few Cyrillic fonts,
  2. Users point out such a disadvantage: the service persistently suggests switching to the pro version. Even in order to use Haiku Deck for free during the trial period, you need to link a card,
  3. The functionality of the service is not enough to develop a professional business presentation.

Haiku Deck is suitable for non-professional presentation developers. The service has a clear and intuitive interface, there are the most basic functions, this will allow you to make a simple presentation in a matter of minutes.

However, for complex projects, the capabilities of the service will not be enough.

This time everything.

In the next article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Kingsoft presentation (WPS Office), Impress (OpenOffice), SmartDraw, Slidedog, iSpring Suite.

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