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What are Display campaigns in Direct

Experts working with Yandex.Direct closely use the following tools:

  1. Search – Search Ads
  2. YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) – advertising on Yandex partner sites and its resources;
  3. Retargeting – returning customers who have visited the site.

Since these are relatively simple and straightforward tools, the results of which can be easily predicted and measured.

Whereas media campaigns in this matter are more difficult and incomprehensible, especially for novice professionals.

And yet, having understood this tool, you will understand that with its help you can not only appear to as many users as possible, but also significantly strengthen your advertising campaigns by outbidding competitors.

Features of Display campaigns in Direct

According to Yandex classification

Display campaigns are image-based banner advertising, an auction product in Yandex.Direct with a wide range of targeting settings to reach the desired audience: targeting by key phrases or audience profile and paying for impressions.

From this definition, a number of important features of display campaigns in Yandex can be inferred, and its differences from image ads in YAN.

Obvious features

Let’s start at the end:

Pay for impressions

One of the most important features and differences from image ads in YAN. The payment model is not per click (CPC), but per thousand impressions (CPM). Payment is only for real impressions.

A real display by Yandex standards is when at least 50% of the banner is in the visible area for at least 2 seconds. That is, we will not pay for those who just flipped through the banner.

Targeting by audience profile

You can target ads based on the interests and behavior of your customers.

For example, if you know for sure that your client is:

  1. extreme sports lover,
  2. with an income above average,
  3. aged from 25 to 45 years,

then targeting this profile will show ads not only to those with whom you have already interacted, but also to future potential customers whom you have not yet reached with the help of contextual advertising, since they simply did not drive in the relevant requests.

Keyword targeting

A setting that directly contradicts the goal of display campaigns, and yet it exists. This is a familiar format for finding an audience using key phrases, as in contextual advertising.

If someone thought to make a contextual tool with pay-per-impressions from a coverage tool, then I hasten to upset you in advance. There will be low reach and no conversions – because the media has a different task.

Banner advertising

Advertising is shown using banners / pictures. Both static and dynamic options can be used.

It should be added that display campaigns are not only banners, but also video / audio advertising, as well as Indoor and Outdoor outdoor advertising formats.

Image advertising

The tool assumes that the main goal of a media campaign is to influence the business brand. That is, with the help of display campaigns, you increase brand awareness and increase the loyalty of potential customers.

Non-obvious features

In addition to what we learned from Yandex’s definition of display campaigns, there are two important points to add that you can learn about by working with the tool or reading materials on this topic:

Display advertising is a long-lasting tool

In order to see specific results of display campaigns, you need at least 2-3 months of continuous work, since this is work with cold, slightly warm traffic. There is also a downside, if you turn off this tool after a long work for another 2-3 months, you will feel the influence of the media on your advertising.

Users who saw ads can be collected and continued to interact with them in other tools.

All those who saw our banner, which means they got acquainted with the offer and the brand, can be collected in one pixel and continue to interact with them using familiar tools – Search and / or YAN. That is, it is no longer just showing ads for the sake of increasing brand awareness, but building a customer funnel, where:

  1. Media campaigns act as a warming tool and increase demand for a product;
  2. Contextual advertising acts as a closure of emerging demand;
  3. Retargeting campaigns generate additional sales and bring back those who haven’t bought yet.

When to run

If you recognize yourself in any of the following paragraphs, then it’s time for you to launch display campaigns.

  1. A search has been developed. You get more than 80% of traffic for all possible requests. There is nowhere else to grow.
  2. High competition in Search. As a result, expensive leads are not justified.
  3. A complex product with a lengthy purchasing decision.
  4. Launching a new product on the market. Low level of existing demand, as a result, there is little traffic that can be processed.
  5. Low brand traffic. As a result, there is a lack of brand awareness, high-quality traffic and cheap leads.


Display campaigns in Yandex.Direct will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and, by constantly showing potential customers, gain confidence in them even at the stage of choosing a product or service. As a result, it will help bring more customers at a lower cost.

That’s all. Happy launches and loyal customers!

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