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the course of unallocated metal accounts online today

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Since the growth of gold is noticeable to one degree or another every year, investors prefer to have in their portfolio a couple of assets tied to this precious metal. Recently, it is not the physical form of precious metals that has become widespread, since there is a lot of trouble with it, and OMS is a reliable investment option, and also combines many bonuses depending on the agreement with the bank and its structure. Consider, as an example, an impersonal metal account with Sberbank – exchange rate, profitability, and more.

Figure 1. The current OMS quotation in all banks is practically the same, but the conditions for the provision of services in them may not be identical.
In addition to compulsory medical insurance, in which it is permissible to invest only in a bank, there are other financial derivatives tied to precious metals, for example, through the stock market, you can buy shares of relevant jewelry companies. I advise you to open an account with a broker BCS for such investments.