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The average size of a bank deposit in Belarus in January amounted to 8.6 thousand rubles

In January 2019, the average size of a deposit in Belarusian banks increased to 8.62 thousand rubles.

The National Bank of the Republic announced this at the beginning of the week. The regulator notes that the overwhelming majority of deposits in banks of the country are placed in foreign currency (up to 76.7%), only 23.3% of deposits were launched by citizens of Belarus in domestic currency.

The maximum size of a bank deposit in foreign currency increased by the beginning of this year to $ 14.1 thousand. In the national currency, the maximum deposit in the same period amounted to 15 thousand Belarusian rubles.

According to experts, the presence of the largest deposits in foreign currency still signals an extremely low Belarusians to their currency. The National Bank notes that in other respects there have been no significant changes, and the age of depositors is still between 26 and 60 years old.

As a reminder, the Belarusian authorities announced the launch of the procedure summing up to European standards local Forkes market. According to supporters of the innovation, the new system will provide traders with maximum protection.

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