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Six Tips for a Marketer to Find an Outsourcing Contractor

Pay attention not cases

Case analysis will allow you to understand the level of the contractor and his experience. Cases really make it possible to evaluate the work, but it is wrong to make them the only selection criterion. It is necessary to study the cases more closely when you are looking for a contractor with specific experience. The presence of good cases in this topic will be a trigger for you.

Explore the reviews

Positive and negative reviews will help to gather a complete picture of the artist’s strengths and weaknesses.

Visit the blog and social media

Analysis of the blog will allow you to determine the level of expertise, experience, image. See how active the performer is on social networks: what publications he shares, how he works with feedback.

Request certificates

The presence of specialized certificates from specialists indicates the level of knowledge of the tools that he uses in his work.

Request an audit or submit a test case

If an audit or test task before preparing a commercial proposal is free of charge, do not expect a complete immersion in business processes. But the execution should not be superficial either. In the commercial proposal, test assignment and letters, pay attention to errors, quality of execution and interest in the project.

Make personal contact

Pay attention to how the contractor plans to communicate with you, whether there are regular calls to discuss issues, reports. Also, just talk, write off to understand whether you are suitable for each other in terms of mental qualities, whether your views on the development of the project coincide, etc.

Moris Akline
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Speculative operations in the foreign exchange and stock market. Work with futures and indices on CME. Work on FORTS and RTS. Development of portfolios and investment strategies for clients. Knowledge of technical (price charts of various types, indicators and oscillators, trends, channels, support / resistance levels) and fundamental analysis, take note of news. I work according to my trading strategy in compliance with the rules of capital management and risk management. Development of trust management strategies. Technique of order execution, placing and changing protective stop-losses, hedging.
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