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“Ninjatrader 8” review, reviews – Forex for beginners from scratch

NinjaTrader is an interactive trading terminal, whose users have access to trade in various modern international markets. Thanks to Ninja Trader and Brokerage, developers can provide high quality access to US stocks, futures, currency pairs, options and cfd contracts.

The company’s head office is located in America, but despite this, customers from all over the world can use its service. It is worth noting the customer focus of the company, since free training or giveaways are held very often.

Let’s take a closer look at what the NinjaTrader platform is and how to trade on it.

Basic information about Ninja Trader

The NinjaTrader platform is developed by Ninja Trader LLC. It is known that it started its activities in 2004 in Denver, USA. Today, the company, together with its partners (Kinetick and NinjaTrader Brokerage), offers market participants to use trading software that provides market participants with a stable large flow of data from world exchanges. These data are provided to traders in real time.

Ninja Trader provides you not only with a trading account, but also a multifunctional terminal with charts, analyzers and charts that will positively affect the balance on the brokerage account.

Thanks to innovative technological solutions, NinjaTrader 8 is also open for cooperation with professionals in the financial market. Private investors, trading with Ninja Trader, acquire a new level of knowledge and, of course, income.

It is worth noting that it was the eighth version of the Ninja Trader terminal that brought NinjaTrader LLC new fame. Here you can also trade stocks and precious metals, gold, futures and other financial assets.

You can use the platform by downloading it on the Internet and registering. The features of buying or downloading the service should be viewed on the official NinjaTrader website. We will give an example of the main requirements for the high-quality operation of the service on your device:

  • Windows 7,8,10, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 or higher
  • 1G or more;
  • processor 32 (or 64) -bit;
  • 2GB RAM;
  • screen resolution of 1024 by 768.

We do not exclude the possibility of additional individual conditions for each device.

How to trade with a Ninja Trader

Anyone can download and test the NinjaTrader trading platform for free by registering a demo account for one month.

You can rent the software for a year or buy it for use on an ongoing basis (see the current prices, as they change from year to year). It is worth noting that not all brokerages successfully integrate NinjaTrader software, so be careful and check in advance.

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Speculative operations in the foreign exchange and stock market. Work with futures and indices on CME. Work on FORTS and RTS. Development of portfolios and investment strategies for clients. Knowledge of technical (price charts of various types, indicators and oscillators, trends, channels, support / resistance levels) and fundamental analysis, take note of news. I work according to my trading strategy in compliance with the rules of capital management and risk management. Development of trust management strategies. Technique of order execution, placing and changing protective stop-losses, hedging.
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