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new opportunities and changes in working with the marketplace

The new rules affect the key stages of promotion on the marketplace: work in the interface of the partner’s office, shipping goods to the warehouse and the cost of services. It is important for suppliers to respond to changes in time, take measures and adapt to new realities in order not to miss out on their benefits.

1. Moving to a new address of the partner account and improving the interface

The Partner Cabinet has moved to a new address and is now located at The interface itself is still being finalized, but it already has an updated set of tools. The creation of the specification has become more convenient and visual. Completely removed the ability to register deliveries through the section “Supply management old”, now all deliveries are implemented in the new section “Supply management”.

2. Specification update

To be fair, the new BOM tool is much more convenient than the previous one.

Replacing the old table format

a new, more convenient functionality has arrived, which allows you to work with a large data array,

so create product cards one by one.

3. Wildberries support chat

In January, an additional chat was also implemented in Telegram with the Wildberries support service, the chat is devoted only to questions related to the problems of finding, issuing and sorting goods with the remainder on the site, answers to other questions in this chat are not provided.

Currently, the marketplace offers 4 main chat rooms for feedback:

4. Storage of goods

From February 1, 2021, new conditions for storing goods with the delivery type “mono” and “mix” in Wildberries warehouses came into force. The storage cost is calculated for the item and is charged daily, regardless of the turnover indicators. Let’s remind, earlier, the supplier paid for storage only for those goods, the turnover of which exceeded 60 days.

Detailed information on the cost of storage can be found at the link in the file.

5. Payment for delivery and a new report on the workload of the warehouse

According to information from the supplier portal, Wildberries plans to charge a fee for the import of goods to their warehouses due to the workload of warehouses. Until this is implemented, we recommend replenishing the balance with a hot product.

Along with this, a new report has appeared in the interface, showing the workload of the warehouse:

6. Tightening the rules for the shipment of goods

When creating a purchase order, the supplier needs to generate a barcode for each box / pallet and link it. When binding, the contents of the box are taken into account. Upon shipment, the barcode is scanned and a check can be carried out for the conformity of the goods with the barcode indicated on the box. Often, errors in the registration of transport documents lead to the loss of goods.

In mid-February, the marketplace tightened the rules. Now deliveries with errors in the barcode and any claims for these deliveries will not be accepted, including for shortages.

7. Photo studio

On February 26, the marketplace announced that it is no longer engaged in product photography, but offers to use the services of its partners. You can see examples of content here:

8. Return of goods

There have been changes in the customer return algorithm.

Now, if a client issues a return “By marriage”, the application comes to the partner’s office: section “Goods” – “Checking goods”. In this case, you can:

  • Dispose of the product. In this case, the money is returned to the client, and the goods are disposed of at the expense of the seller.
  • Issue the return of the goods. Once a week, a request will be generated for the delivery of all goods that you sent for a return.


Summarizing the changes that have been introduced on the marketplace, Pixel Plus Internet Agency recommends paying attention to the following points.

  • It is necessary to start learning the new interface in order to understand how to work with it. Since at any time the ability to make edits in the old format can be disabled.
  • Due to the emergence of new requirements for payment for marketplace services, we recommend that you take into account additional costs in pricing.
  • We recommend that you do not ignore the official chats in telegrams and, if you have any questions, contact the corresponding chat, following all the community rules. Please note that all chats are overloaded and the response is slow. Emotional statements and lack of business ethics do not speed up the process of resolving the issue. Therefore, follow the rules.
  • Be sure to inform those responsible for packaging products and sending them to the Wildberries warehouse about the new rules for shipment of goods. Otherwise, you may miss the profit due to the refusal of the Wildberries warehouse to accept the goods. And also incorrect work at the stage of packaging and logistics can lead to the loss of goods.

Good luck and sales growth!

The material was prepared by Dmitry Pyaternev, senior specialists in contextual advertising of the Pixel Plus Internet agency.

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