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Medvedev has figured out how to speed up the legalization of self-employed

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has come up with a mechanism that will encourage Russians to come out of the shadows.

Such a system will help speed up the process of legalizing citizens who do not have an official workplace, the prime minister said.

Speaking at a meeting of the Presidium of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and National Projects, he recalled that the registration process for self-employed citizens has started in Russia in 2019 in a test format.

The tasks of the state include the creation of the most optimal conditions that will help Russians come out of the shadows comfortably and feel safe. The essence of the mechanism developed by the prime minister is that the state should use all the tools in its hands to popularize the institution of the self-employed.

“These are not only tutors, but also nannies and au pair, and those who are involved in renting apartments and transporting passengers. These are those who are essentially engaged in small business. With an income of no more than 200 thousand rubles per month, they can pay a 4% tax when working with individuals and 6% – with legal entities through a mobile application, “- said the head of the Cabinet.

In the near future, the authorities will consider options for extending such taxes to the entire territory of the country; the Ministry of Finance has already put forward a corresponding initiative.

But it’s worth noting that Russians are still extremely reluctant to come out of the shadows and prefer to hide the sources of their income from the state, as they fear increased tax pressure.

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