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In-demand specialties in the IT sphere

Software developer

Employees of this profile are engaged in the development, testing and coding of software, as well as various applications. Their competence includes the elimination of the errors that have arisen, the optimization of the available results. Experts who are inclined towards mathematical and creative approaches become valuable employees on the staff of the largest companies.

Software tester

The essence of this work consists in modulating user scenarios, detecting possible weaknesses in the operation of applications, sites, games. This direction requires a specialist to have out-of-the-box thinking and a willingness to research. Due to the fact that the number of new products is growing rapidly, the demand for the specialty is also high.

System Administrator

They are a kind of gods of IT platforms. Employees of this department are responsible for the information security of institutions, managers, installation and updating of software and many other functions. This turn of the profession is due to the rise in the career ladder, the provision of solid wages.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a researcher. Its activities include the use of technologies, due to which the processing of data in bulk quantities, the collection and analysis of information is carried out. These specialists are engaged in the development of solutions that contribute to the optimization of business processes. The labor market needs such personnel.

UX / UI-designer

The staff in this department have a fantastic ability to sit on either side of the monitor. They must be aware of the preferences of the target audience in order to analyze the current interface or develop a new one that is more user-friendly. Their activities are interesting for the constant balance between the IT sphere and psychology.


For this profession, people who have a technical mindset are suitable. After all, the employee will be required to carry out simultaneously such processes as: analytics, testing, software optimization, development and synchronization of processes.

Machine Learning

Machine learning employees are the creators of artificial intelligence. Their responsibility includes the analysis of algorithms for the operation of the machine, the development of self-learning software and neural networks. These employees are faced with difficult tasks that can be solved with the help of IT, mathematics, natural science and psychology.


Digitalization and cyber attacks are two integral parts of the modern IT sphere. Even small companies and government agencies need information security. Employees of this department are engaged in the creation of complex information security systems, elimination of vulnerabilities and data recovery.

It is difficult to imagine the existence of a modern person without information technology.

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Having acquired skills related to IT professions, you can ensure yourself a high income, career growth and confidence in the future.

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