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IIS Rosselkhozbank – individual investment account of RSHB

Since 2015, every resident of Russia can use such a service as an individual investment account to effectively invest their own funds. And in this they are ready to help a variety of financial structures through which access to the trading floors of the stock exchange is carried out. IIS in Rosselkhozbank also proposed, but starting in 2016.

In fact, the described investment account is the same brokerage account, only with a small addition in the form of a tax break. This means that the only difference between an investment account opened with any broker (we recommend opening an IIS online at BCS – the leader in terms of the amount of client capital entering the MICEX) from a brokerage account is a different taxation procedure. Everything else that is inherent in a brokerage account and IIS: tariffs, conditions, remain the same.

The following restrictions are imposed on the IIS opened at RSHB:

  • An investor has the right to deposit no more than 1 million rubles during one calendar year. At the same time, the minimum amount of replenishment is not indicated;
  • Only those investors whose investment account has existed for at least three years will be able to receive a tax deduction;
  • Only one type of tax deduction can be obtained on one IIS.

How to open an IIS in Rosselkhozbank

If the future investor has never dealt with Rosselkhozbank before, then for the first time it is necessary to come to the office of a financial institution. If a citizen is already a client of the bank, then there is no need to visit the office, and you can open a ruble account online, using Internet banking. In this way, you can register not only a brokerage account, but also an IIS. What needs to be done:

  • Enter the “Investments” section;
  • Choose the conditions under which the account will be serviced;
  • Enter all the information requested by the system;
  • In the appropriate line, indicate the email address where the notification will be sent about how the investment account is being operated.
Figure 1. It is not difficult to open an IIS for trust management in the Russian Agricultural Bank.

The most important thing is that when entering your personal account, be sure to change the code word in order to secure your account. This action is mandatory for new clients of the bank. You need to change the code word through the organization’s portal using an SMS subscription. Go to the section “Individuals”, then select “Brokerage services”. Immediately after changing the code word, the investor has access to voice commands by phone.

There are three options for trading on an individual investment account of Rosselkhozbank:

  • Through the terminal;
  • Through the app;
  • Through a browser.

But access to them opens after a message with passwords arrives on the phone.

In the payment order, the depositor must indicate on which trading platform the invested money will be spent. It can be a stock, derivatives or foreign exchange market. The investor has the right to additionally transfer funds between the accounts of the trading floors themselves.

Unit investment fund and IIS in Rosselkhozbank – what is it and is it possible to mix them

A mutual fund is an organization that provides trust management services. Their activity is aimed not only at managing the property of shareholders, but at increasing its quantity. This type of investment is also available for owners of an investment account. As soon as the funds are transferred, a corresponding inscription appears in the depository stating that the share has been purchased.

With the help of mutual funds, a diversified investment portfolio with an average profitability is created. And in this portfolio, mutual stocks play the role of the most profitable stocks with medium risk. Be sure to include bonds in the portfolio, as low-yield securities with a low level of risk. Experts recommend evenly distributing investments between high-yield mutual funds and low-yield bonds.

Thus, it is possible to implement trust management with IIS Rosselkhozbank, investing money in the purchase of mutual funds and doing this on the stock market, which is provided by the Moscow Exchange. For its part, RSHB also provides a trust management service for its clients. There are several programs available here:

  • Foreign exchange bonds. Opportunity to invest over 3 million rubles;
  • The strategy is balanced;
  • Ruble bonds;
  • Perspective. It offers to open an account in three currencies at once.

In the first three programs, the investor is not limited in investments, which may exceed three million rubles. The fourth program, in addition to the ruble zone, contains the euro currency, so here the minimum investment starts from 2 million rubles and above.

Balanced, Ruble and Perspective are three programs that work with the Russian currency. Moreover, the first two investment programs involve the operation of the account for at least 3 years. The prospect must last for at least 5 years and access to it is open only to investors with experience and appropriate qualifications. For all other investors, the first two programs remain available:

  • Balanced. Debt securities, shares, depository receipts are used as investments. This also includes foreign securities;
  • Ruble. Funds are invested only in domestic securities that are available on the PY stock exchange.

The above strategies are available only for those who opened an IIS in RSHB before 01/19/2020. Today the following strategies are available to investors (the level of profitability is given in annual values, plus a tax break):

  • Debt markets. Yield 11%;
  • Balanced investments – 16.2%;
  • Stock market – 22%.
Figure 2. Strategies and mutual funds - Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) on the IIS (individual investment account) offers such options for the investor.
Figure 2. Strategies and mutual funds – Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) on the IIS (individual investment account) offers such options for the investor.

The first program is conservative in terms of profitability, the second is medium-risk, and the third is risky.

Feedback from depositors about IIS at Rosselkhozbank

On the Internet, you cannot find comments from depositors who have opened an IIA in a bank and this is amazing. Therefore, it will be interesting to hear those who nevertheless used the services of the RSHB and opened the IIS here. At the same time, the RSHB did not even make it into the top twenty leaders of the Moscow stock exchange.

As our recommendation, it is more profitable to open an individual investment account with BCS. The broker holds a leading position in terms of the volume of client transactions on the Moscow Exchange. In addition, BCS is not only a brokerage firm, it includes banks and other financial organizations. Here you can issue an invoice in 5 minutes online.

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