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IIS and life hacks are investors, you must know about them

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Previously, information was obtained with great difficulty, but now it is much easier to find out something you need. Perhaps that is why such a concept as life hacks appeared, with the help of which completely unusual properties can be found in simple things. This page will tell you about life hacks for IIS – 13 of the most useful for the investor will be given, which will help to squeeze more out of this recently popular investment method.

Number 1

Some brokers have the opportunity to receive 2.12% on the balance of funds on an individual investment account for the free balance in rubles. 2.12 percent is half of the key rate of the Central Bank of Russia. And since July 27, 2020, it is 4.25%. Thus, you can get thirteen percent of the tax deduction, plus another 2.12 percent per annum as a bonus from the service broker.

FIGURE 1. One of the 13 IIS life hacks that you should know – allows you to increase the real profitability of the account by a couple of percent.

Number 2

Some individual investment accounts, for example, with a broker BCS, are designed for a very wide audience. It means that:
  • if the investor is employed in an official job and receives a white salary, then the employer pays thirteen percent of personal income tax for him every month. This means that every year you can return up to fifty two thousand rubles from the tax that was withheld. For this, an individual investment account of the first type is opened. And upon request, the tax office transfers the amount guaranteed by the law.
  • if there is no permanent white income, then you can still start buying and selling assets on the exchange. For this, an individual investment account is opened. Taking into account the current circumstances, you can use the second type of account. Then the profit that is obtained as a result of investment activities is freed from the need to pay personal income tax for it.

Number 3

It consists in the fact that you can invest more than four hundred thousand rubles – up to one million rubles a year.

With the help of such investments, as well as the opportunities from BCS, you can connect a strategy that is potentially highly profitable. With its help, you can get more than twenty percent of the income on investments. And all this will happen automatically.

Number 4

Of the 13 life hacks known from IIS that you must know, the fourth is that it is possible to determine which type of account and deduction will be more profitable for the investor at the end of the three-year period of the individual investment account. You can choose a deduction for the deposited funds, and you can also define a deduction for profit. And this can only be done after time has passed and it has already become clear which type of deduction is more profitable for a particular investor.

Number 5

There is an opportunity for some brokers to connect strategies using the multicast system. This means that there is an opportunity to work on several strategies, and this is a good opportunity to achieve diversification. At the same time, diversification will be available not only by instruments, but also by markets, as well as by regions, in addition, it is possible to achieve large percentages of income. This clearly attracts the IIS life hack!

Number 6

You can reinvest the funds received in the form of a tax deduction, that is, deposit them back into the account. That will help to increase the efficiency of investments using an individual investment account.

Number 7

Of the 13 life hacks known on IIS that you must know, the seventh can take a special place, since it allows you to connect an individual investment portfolio to an individual investment account with a broker. Some of them offer up to hundreds of percent protection against drawdowns. Of course, not all risks are covered by this type of protection, but the idea itself is very interesting. It is particularly interesting that these individual investment portfolios can be used in conjunction with a trida percentage deduction for contributions or investment income. Which increases the efficiency of investments.

Number 8

Very convenient among IIS life hacks is that, when submitting a declaration to the tax office, it is not necessary to visit the office of the authority in person. To do this, it is possible to go through the online procedure using the Personal Account of the taxpayer through the website of the Federal Tax Service. Also, the same procedure is available through the portal of the State Service. And this is very convenient for those who use the services of a BCS broker, coupled with the following trick for IIS.

Number 9

You can remotely open an account with a broker BCS, and remotely replenish the account. This saves time and maximizes comfort. All these operations can be performed online. Will take about five minutes.

Number 10

Among the tricks for owners of IIS 13 plus life hacks, which you must know, an important place is occupied by the ability to calculate how much you can get as a deduction when using an individual investment account. To do this, it is enough to determine the size of your white salary, multiply by 12 months, divide by one hundred percent and multiply by thirteen percent. If the amount received is less than fifty-two thousand, then it is precisely this amount that should be received from the tax authorities in the form of a deduction for replenishing an individual investment account. You can use a regular calculator to calculate.

Number 11

Of the interesting features that everyone must know, it is worth noting that in BCS you can connect strategies for a period of one year, while they can be turned off and replaced at any time in order to subscribe to another or stop making a profit, so to speak, fix it.

Number 12

A very interesting feature of work and an individual investment account, which everyone must know, is that it is not necessary to transfer money to the account immediately. When the IIS is open, it can remain empty for a long time. For example, you can open it in January, and top up your account only in December of the same year. And you can still request a tax deduction in January next year. This is very convenient, because you need to freeze money in your account for almost a whole year less and, nevertheless, it will be possible to get a deduction.

Room 13

Many investors who are not new to the craft may already have brokerage accounts from which certain assets can be bought. It is not possible to transfer them to an individual investment account. For this operation, you will have to sell assets, if necessary, transfer the funds received into rubles, and already start rubles into an individual investment account.

Figure 2. Life hacks for IIS allow you to reduce risks (losses or investment time) and increase profits.
Figure 2. Life hacks for IIS allow you to reduce risks (losses or investment time) and increase profits.

These are the tricks to be aware of when dealing with an individual investment account. And in conclusion, about two more interesting features:

  1. It is not necessary to close an individual investment account after three years of existence. It is enough just to keep it open, with money, and then continue to receive deductions, as before. It can exist for any number of years. It is interesting that you can close it later at any time without any loss of deduction rights.
  2. Interestingly, the income from investments in an individual investment account is tax-free throughout its existence. He participates in investment, that is, you can safely use tax money. If you do not violate the three-year limit, then it will never be charged at all when choosing the right type of tax deduction, the right type of account.

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