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How we launched our own IT research media as a development team

As a result, we were able to collect 60 reposts, 18,000+ views and about 300+ people to our telegram channel.

In parallel, we spent 15,000 rubles on advertising in telegram channels dedicated to IT, and attracted about 700+ people. Thus, in a month we have gained a little more than 1,000 subscribers.

In the future, we decided to test advertising in more expensive channels directly related to product management, but with the same number of subscribers. If, for example, advertising in the Telegram channel TechCrunch for 30,000 people costs 5,000-6,000, then advertising in the product channel costs the same as the number of subscribers (10,000 people = 10,000 rubles).

In fact, the reason for the high cost is the quality. If, for example, a channel about IT news, due to its broad focus, is read even by those who are weakly connected with IT in a professional sense, and TechCrunch is some strong brand that can have a similar non-core target audience, then a channel with product management , as a rule, has a predominant number of specialists who can subsequently contact you.

In addition, after the publication of advertisements in such channels, although the influx of subscriptions decreased, the daily number of views increased, which speaks of the real quality of the audience. Therefore, spending a similar budget of 15,000 rubles a month, after the first 1,000 people, we began to take quality, not quantity.

It was after this advertising campaign that we decided to slightly adjust the positioning and add a focus to our USP that we analyze IT products from the point of view of product management and conduct research in the IT industry.

Thus, we went out, as well as potential decision makers, for possible cooperation for a contract IT-development (and the product manager is a very important link in any company), and for all those who were interested IT-the industry, thereby popularizing our brand.

Of course, this did not end there, and therefore we decided to release text format courses to maximize our expert brand. Best of all, they could also be promoted for free to student groups:

Launching podcasts

The next step was to go beyond Telegram and VK, and therefore we decided to record podcasts. But not in the form of hourly conversations, but only the dubbing of our weekly articles with the USP: “for those who are more comfortable listening.”

We again used a similar strategy with promotion on VK, and also registered on SoundCloud to broadcast podcasts to other popular services: Yandex.Music, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts.

And they attracted some good additional traffic from podcasts.


In conclusion, it should be said that we used Yandex.Zen, VC and Habr, but there was practically no traffic from these platforms. The best promotion channels are promotion on VK through universities, buying posts in telegram channels (with a large number of subscribers and a low price / with a small but high-quality number of subscribers and a high price) and podcasts.

From the initial positioning of developers who conduct industry research and review technologies and IT products, we focused on the analysis of mainly startups and IT products from the point of view of product management and marketing, moving away from analysis of absolutely any technology.

Thus, we have formed an expert brand, linked the media with the future rebranding and attracted a sufficient number of specialist readers through various promotion channels to our Telegram channel.

Our telegram channel:

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