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How to quickly and effectively increase your sales conversion in YAN

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  1. Increase the number of orders
  2. Reduce the cost of the application
  3. Reduce DRR


  1. Yandex.Direct
  2. Yandex.Metrica

For a car seat cover store, as for any online store, it is important to get the maximum profit for every ruble invested in online advertising. At the same time, the target values ​​of ROI (profitability ratio) and DRR (share of advertising expenses) in different groups of goods may differ. This is due to the marginality of each category. In high-margin categories, it is especially important to achieve the highest possible return on investment in advertising.

In order for the company to continue to grow and increase its market share, it is important to constantly test new tools, evaluate their performance, and the most effective ones must be scaled.

“Car seat covers” categories were transferred to pay for conversions

As part of the test, we decided to try the “Conversion Optimization” strategy using a pay-per-conversion model. This tool allows you to select a goal, specify your desired conversion rate or weekly budget, and only pay for targeted visits. Before the start of the test, we collected statistics for all campaigns and selected the most successful ones. In addition, we identified “safe” campaigns, in which a decrease in traffic or an increase in CPA above the target value would be an acceptable risk.

When choosing campaigns to convert to a conversion strategy, it is also important to consider:

  1. number of conversions – for the strategy to work, the campaign must have more than 10 conversions per week;
  2. CPA – the indicator should be below the average for the type of campaign. To find out, the CPA was recalculated using Yandex.Metrica data.

We created a landing page for most of the semantic core requests.

A large number of landing pages were created within the site for individual car brands: Lada, Kia, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, etc.

Also, a large number of pages for specific models: Ford Focus, Lada Vesta, Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, etc.

Each page has been carefully optimized for the specific requirements of potential buyers.

Excellent result

Results: Pay-per-conversion improved the return of dynamic ads across all test categories

The Pay-Per-Conversion Conversion Optimization strategy ran for 10 weeks, and the results were compared with the results for the same period on the manual strategy. During the period of the conversion strategy, the number of targeted visits, conversion rates and the number of orders increased in all test campaigns:

  1. In the campaign for the “Autocovers” product category, the number of orders doubled, the conversion rate increased by 75%, and the RRR level decreased by 1.5 times.
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