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How To Promote Complex Products Online With Content Marketing

What content marketing does for brands

As you have already seen for yourself, this tool is ideal for companies in which the client needs some time to make a decision. Content marketing simultaneously works to attract such an audience through different channels, explain the benefits of a complex product to them, and build brand trust. This is possible due to the following capabilities of the tool:

  1. Increases the number of touch points with your brand online;
  2. Allows you to reach a new audience and increase brand awareness;
  3. Increases brand loyalty and trust, strengthens the status of an expert;
  4. Attracts additional traffic to the company’s website and improves its quality – visits become more targeted;
  5. Provides additional link growth and improves behavioral factors;
  6. Increases sales.

After all these advantages, the key disadvantage of content marketing seems to be the absence of a magic button (and indeed at least any button): you need to set up and run everything from scratch, and before that you also need to work out a strategy in detail.

How to come up with a content marketing promotion strategy

This is not so simple. Without a thorough plan of action, the result can be almost zero and the costs are decent. To prevent this, include as much detailed information as possible in your strategy:

  1. Target audience segments. It is not only about gender, age and interests, but also about a detailed description of problems and needs that can be closed with the help of your product;
  2. Positioning. Add information about the real benefits of the product that solve the problems of the target audience – so the content marketing tools will transmit important thoughts about the product to potential buyers;
  3. Content plan. Based on the analysis of the semantic core of the site, competitors and search results, come up with topics and a schedule for the release of new materials;
  4. Mediaplan. Calculate in detail a plan for distributing content through different channels where your audience is present.

There shouldn’t be any difficulties with the description of the audience and positioning – you probably already have this information. If suddenly this is not the case, then here is an excellent reason for you to start preparing it – without this data, it will still not be possible to bring a complex product to the market. But you have to tinker with the content plan and media plan. To help you better understand what channels and formats content marketing can work with in complex niches, we will tell you how everything works now.

What qualities should the content have?

Content marketing takes all forms. He can work undercover on forums and review sites, he can creep into trust under the guise of user-generated content, or he can be a more direct but interesting storyteller who spreads stories about your brand that people will share with each other. There are dozens of formats: news, articles, video testimonials, step-by-step master classes on how to do something yourself, product reviews and comparisons, guides, interviews with experts, and stories of your customers or employees. In order to somehow systematize all this, we recommend distributing content formats in accordance with three key objectives of the materials:

  1. Benefit. Use content to shape your company’s expertise in the eyes of your audience. For these purposes, interviews with specialists, for example, employees of your team, as well as life hacks, checklists and infographics with interesting facts about your niche are perfect;
  2. Work for your reputation. The purpose of such content is to increase the loyalty of the target audience and inspire their trust. Interesting cases, facts about your work, stories of employees on abstract topics and any other “internal kitchen” that can give a “face” to the brand are well suited for these tasks;
  3. Engage your audience. To retain visitors for longer, implement interactive mechanics. It can be all kinds of tests, quizzes, contests, webinars and online broadcasts.

A wide variety of content formats can be combined with each other. In order not to use them in different ways, we recommend creating separate headings for them and determining the frequency of publication of materials. It is desirable that useful articles appear more often than reputational materials. Otherwise, the audience may perceive such attempts to establish contact only as obsession, and this is the last thing you need in promoting a complex product.

Where to publish content

There are many options. In addition to the site, you can use social networks, email newsletters, posts in thematic blogs and specialized Internet portals. We recommend using several channels at once to increase coverage and attract traffic from different sites.

Brand media. Creating your own media is one of the main trends in promotion in complex niches. In some cases, they gather an audience comparable to full-fledged media, not affiliated with any business in any way. Just take a look at Mango Daily, which provides helpful tips and simple language on how insurance works.

Another good example is Just About Wine, a media outlet for SimpleWine. The blog is embedded in the home page of the site. The wine selection articles that are sold in the store are designed to attract many views. For this, the company uses celebrity images and creates lists of wines that, for example, Artemy Lebedev and Ksenia Sobchak drink.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples. Banks have their own media (the Clients Club and T-Zh from Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff, respectively), developers (the same PIK Media from the company of the same name) and online schools (skyeng magazine and Media Netology). They all pursue the same goals: increase reach, familiarize the audience with the product, and build trust. I must say, they do it perfectly.

Yandex Zen. In terms of popularity, this service among all the company’s products bypasses only one – the search engine. Almost 20 million people use Zen every day, and recommendation algorithms offer them to read other users’ materials. What makes Zen special for the purposes of content marketing is that it has not yet managed to gain great popularity with the business, and that is, the cost and competition on it are still relatively low. At the same time, with the help of this service, you can achieve really impressive results. For example, one of the articles of the online school GeekBrains:

Have you noticed how many times you’ve read it? 52 thousand times! And we are talking precisely about those cases when the visitor has fully watched the material, because the reading is recorded only when the user has completely scrolled the page and stayed on the page for at least 30 seconds.

Or here’s another good example: the Strike channel. 411 thousand reads of this article!

To start a channel in Zen, you don’t even need to pay for anything. You can publish articles completely free of charge, and some channels in this way collect a monthly audience of tens of thousands of visitors. If you wish, you can accelerate the promotion of articles on the site: for this, you can buy readings of materials in the advertising office. The minimum cost of an action is one ruble, and the advertiser sets the bid independently – it depends on how quickly the order will be completed. You can start using advertising tools by replenishing your personal account in the amount of 75 thousand rubles excluding VAT. The advertiser decides on his own how to use the money, and the site sets only one rule: the minimum daily budget is 3000 rubles;

Profile publications. When it comes to a complex product, trade publications are one of the best ways to increase your reach, build audience trust, and get additional traffic to your site. To do this, such sites should publish expert materials that fully disclose the topic under consideration;

Social networks. Can be used alone or in conjunction with a corporate blog. The choice of sites depends on the specifics of your blog, but for complex products, the same Instagram is usually much worse than Facebook. Social networks can be used as another place of contact with the audience, as well as to build loyalty: for this, you can interact with users, enter into discussions and answer their questions;

Messengers. Messenger marketing isn’t always about creating bots. These services can be used as an additional way to deliver content to your audience and get traffic to your site. To do this, it is enough to publish announcements of new materials in the channel with a link to the company’s blog or other sites. This will not give a high increase in the audience, but there will be no extra touch point with the audience.

How to work effectively with channels

Use them at the same time! The more your brand will be present on various platforms, the more audience you will reach. To increase its engagement, do not forget to repackage content for different channels or immediately prepare it in multi-format. For example, on a blog and on Zen, you can publish an article and add a video to it, in specialized publications – send a text, in instant messengers you can get by with a short announcement with a link to the material, and on YouTube you can post a video. Thus, you will reach the maximum audience, regardless of which channels they prefer to use and in what form they perceive the content better.

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