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How to communicate with target audience or brand tone of voice

How to find your tone of voice

To better understand how to present yourself, how to communicate with customers and what to talk about with them, you need to define the DNA of the brand. These are all characteristic features by which it is easy to distinguish it from others – not only a logo or slogan, but also a scent or silhouette, a font or a combination of colors, an appeal or a phrase with which a brand ends its letters. To define or shape your DNA, do research and creative work.

Reach for eternal values. Don’t try to catch up with all the trends at once, instead, it’s better to turn to what is always valuable. High quality, low prices, friendly service, a unique product or the fastest delivery (especially important in 2021!). There are many options, you need to choose the one that you want to pay attention to.

Study your target audience. The choice of communication strategy will depend on her needs, middle age, education and other demographic indicators. Which language will your potential clients like – spoken or business? And what shades can be in it to distinguish you from competitors? Answer these questions for yourself – and you will know exactly how to answer any customer questions.

Figure out how to deal with negativity. Speaking of customer questions. As you develop your brand’s DNA, and with it your own tone of voice, think about how you will deal with negativity on social media. For example, a brand that interacts with teens on an equal footing may respond to complaints seriously or humorously. The second option can make customers even more angry, but together with the first one it is easy to get out of the image of a merry fellow. Keeping balance is a difficult task that you have to solve.

Define your benefits. After all, your DNA should contain more than just working out the negative. Take your chosen eternal values, combine them with your unique characteristics – and get the benefits that make customers choose you. You should not emphasize them at every opportunity, but you should always remember about them – they will become your lifesaver in any situation.

Connect with your audience. Listen to your audience and meet them halfway. Point out what she doesn’t like and what she reacts to with genuine delight. If you have already decided to be a more “human” brand, then not only conduct monologues, but also enter into dialogue.

Drawing conclusions

It is not so difficult to adapt the tone of voice of your company to the mailing list if the tone of voice itself is already defined, understandable and actively used in other communication channels. But its development can already cause problems. However, if the company clearly understands its mission and knows the target audience, these problems are turned into tasks – moreover, easily and pleasantly solvable. So:

Imagine that your company is a person. And communicate with clients in a language in which he would communicate with others. This language will become your unique tone of voice.

Understand who you want to be for clients – a friend or a provocateur, a mentor or a hilarious person. Stick to this image in all situations – both in mailings, and in social networks, and when working out negativity.

Combine enduring customer values ​​with your unique competitive advantages – and build a tone of voice that takes them into account.

Try, experiment and you will succeed!

Moris Akline
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Speculative operations in the foreign exchange and stock market. Work with futures and indices on CME. Work on FORTS and RTS. Development of portfolios and investment strategies for clients. Knowledge of technical (price charts of various types, indicators and oscillators, trends, channels, support / resistance levels) and fundamental analysis, take note of news. I work according to my trading strategy in compliance with the rules of capital management and risk management. Development of trust management strategies. Technique of order execution, placing and changing protective stop-losses, hedging.
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