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How to build a customer base using content?

Content marketing is no longer a whim, but a necessity, especially in the travel industry.

If you want to attract a relevant target audience, then you need to build high-quality communication with potential clients, recognize and understand their tasks, needs and pains, and give them benefits that correspond to their values.

Content works well, namely 3-10 times it allows you to increase the number of sales if your offer (product or quality of service) falls into the values ​​of your customers and correlates with your values.

Step-by-step instructions on how to understand who your client is, what are his values ​​and how to communicate with him are on the ORGANIC SMM website.

The content strategy, ideally, should include publications in the media, and on social networks, and on a blog.

But content creation is a tedious task that requires a significant investment of energy, resources, creativity and funds. And at the same time, the regularity of publications is extremely important (instagram, facebook, youtube, tik tok will cut your reach if the posting is irregular).

What to do? Create content that stays relevant for a long time; modify it from time to time; distribute through different channels in different formats (short videos, articles, notes, travel guides, blog posts). And dilute it with stories of your employees, customers, cases and values.

According to ORGANIC SMM polls, the largest number of reactions in the accounts of travel agencies and hotels receive posts that are useful (lists of places, cafes, interesting facts necessary for a trip), story posts (stories, storytelling in the first person or the person of tourists) and various quizzes and games (yes, many people go to social networks to have fun). This content is most often shared and saved, which directly affects the engagement (ER) of the account, its rating and frequency of impressions.

How? Use a ready-made content service (in the creation of which guides and locales from all over the world participate). In addition to unique texts, you can use a library of photos, videos and hashtags. Using the service, you can save your budget at least 3 times and free up more than 40 hours per month.

In addition to the fact that the content needs to be published, you also need to remember about CTAs (calls to action): leave a request, call, write, download a lead magnet (useful material that you give to your potential customers for free in exchange for contact information).

It is with the help of these tools that you get the opportunity to form your base of “warm leads” and work with it in the future (do retargeting, warm-ups in email, instant messengers, set up advertising on it).

And this is where it is important to choose a suitable CRM system.

At the moment, the most popular and modern CRM system in the travel industry is U-ON.Travel. More than 40,000 travel companies in Russia and foreign countries have chosen U-ON.Travel as their main working tool.

Let’s take a look at how to properly collect a customer base from different advertising sources and how can it be used in U-ON.Travel?

Leads from instant messengers and social networks.

U-ON.Travel has integration with instant messengers and social networks, that is, all your new leads that came from ads from social networks / messengers or just wrote to you in the direct will be automatically added to the crm system in a new appeal with the assignment of the source ( WhatsApp, VK, FB, etc.).

Also, in CPM, you can set up a responsible manager for each source where a potential client came from. What is it for? And so that no tourist is forgotten and receives advice on the tour / service on time.

When creating a new appeal, the responsible manager receives a reminder to contact the client and fill in the buyer’s details.

By receiving leads from advertising sources, we collect a customer base, even potential ones. The most important thing here is to collect as much information about tourists as possible in order to later use this data in your work.

How to properly set up a client base and what marketing tools in U-ON.Travel can be used to resend a promotional offer?

  • When forming the base, use labels for each tourist.

All people are individual, someone loves outdoor activities, someone has only one vacation, others with a family, etc. All this information must be checked with the client. What is it for? You can upload the base by tags for an individual offer, that is, you have a cool package tour for a family vacation with children, which means this tour should be sent only to those clients who are interested in family vacations, and not to a tourist who likes to travel alone.

Tourist tags can be configured here:

  • After setting up the tags, you can upload the database of tags for bulk email or WhatsApp mailings. Integration setup required:

Also, do not forget that you must have consent from tourists to receive the newsletter:

If you use all the resources of the U-ON.Travel CPM system correctly, you will save your time, work 2 times more efficiently, and most importantly, you will increase your sales, your travel agency will be in complete order!

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