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How an Internet specialist can raise prices for his services: recommendations from Interra experts

How to correctly design a page on social networks so that it attracts rather than scares off customers?

1) Enter your real name and surname – this inspires confidence.

2) Put your photo on the avatar. High quality and professional is desirable, with soft light and neutral backgrounds, where you are in basic casual or business attire. Imagine that this is the very “dress” by which the client will decide whether to do business with you, even before he sees your work.

3) Write down your positioning in the status. Answers to 3 questions will help you with this:

  1. Who am I,
  2. who can I help
  3. how can I help.

For example: “I help presenters of online courses to design sites and create visual materials.”

4) Write how you differ from competitors. For example: “I complete the task within 24 hours” or “I work in a team with a copywriter.”

5) Close albums or delete photos that may spoil the impression of you.

6) Unsubscribe from questionable groups and profiles.

7) Make sure your page is open to the public.

After that, start keeping an account: post personal and professional posts, quotes, selections, interviews, thoughts, useful materials.

Publish reviews and cases in the most prominent place, for example, in a pinned post.

4. write openly about your new work environment

How an Internet specialist can raise prices for his services: recommendations from Interra experts

The Internet is convenient because it creates a barrier between you and the client. You don’t need to negotiate live and announce prices. Nevertheless, it is better to leave information about them in the public domain, and here’s why:

  1. Firstly, it is polite to the client: he will not need to wait for your answer to make a decision and place an order.
  2. Secondly, the client will immediately see your price list and will contact you if the conditions suit him. And you don’t have to waste time justifying the price and closing objections.

You can register the cost of your services on the website or in a pinned post in social networks. Indicate not the current prices, but the desired ones, or a compromise between them. If the calculation of the cost of work is influenced by many factors that you find out only during negotiations with the customer, indicate prices in the format: “from N rubles.” This will give the client an idea of ​​at least the initial cost of your services.

How to calculate the cost of your services:

  1. determine how much you want to receive per month;
  2. count how many hours a month you want / can devote to work;
  3. divide the amount of the desired income by the number of working hours per month, so you get the cost of your hour;
  4. make a list of services and indicate the approximate time you spend on each job;
  5. multiply the number of hours of each job by the cost of the hour.

You may have to slightly adjust the resulting price list taking into account your experience, but at least there will already be something to start from.

5. Add value to your customers

How an Internet Specialist Raises Prices for Their Services: Recommendations from Interra Experts

Any headache for a client, whether it is maintaining an account for which there is not enough time, or generating requests from advertising, costs money. And the more serious the problem that you are helping to solve, the higher the income you can apply for.

A formal approach to work and a desire to simply make money on a client are always visible. Those who sincerely want to help and are interested in the development of the project are respected.

Do not only what you promised, but a little over and above. You can help with the right contacts, do urgent work when you have time, notice an error on the site in time, and so on. Your customer will definitely appreciate this kind of attention, and it will be easier for you to get a promotion.

Be proactive and consistent, balance your internal and external expertise, and let your income grow every month!

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