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Home PC mining: is it possible to mine cryptocurrency in 2021?

Mining is the main way to create and mine cryptocurrency. Is Home PC Mining Relevant in 2021? After all, the complexity of production has increased significantly, and the competition is only increasing.

The simple answer is that you can still mine. Of course, at home you will not receive 0.5 BTC per day, as was possible several years ago. But when using the right software and setting it up, home farming of cryptocurrency still generates additional income.

What is cryptocurrency mining at home

Mining at home on a PC is a way to get money for the operating time of a computer. You need to understand the main principle – the system pays you a crypt for using your computing power together with servers. Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies live on the computers of ordinary users connected to the blockchain via the Internet.

In essence, this is giving your PC to the system, like renting an apartment. The more housing (read – the more powerful the farm), the higher the fee. But Bitcoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and other coins are unpretentious – even the smallest room, which can be a home PC, office computer or even a laptop, will suit them.

This basic principle is enough to understand how to start mining at home. A huge cash investment is not required from the user. Today you can choose a miner program from the available ones and connect to the pool. A pool is an amalgamation of several weak computers that add up to high power. Earnings from these capacities are divided proportionally.

But connecting to such a pool requires some technical skills. You can do without them if you use crypt mining programs “for beginners”.

Perhaps the most popular and understandable program for home farming has been and remains Kryptex… Cryptex is launched in three accounts, it immediately begins to mine cryptocurrencies and credits money to the user’s balance several times a day. The funds can then be withdrawn to an online wallet, bank card, or transferred to another currency.

How to start mining crypto on a weak PC

Using the Kryptex program as an example, we will show you how to start mining Bitcoin or other crypto on your home PC or laptop:

  • Go to official website of the program and download it. To do this, click on the blue button on the main page.
  • The download starts automatically. In the meantime, we are invited to create an account. We provide an email address and come up with a password. Next, you need to click on “Register”.
  • The system will send a confirmation email to the specified address. There will be a link. To confirm the registration, you will need to follow it.

Install the downloaded program on your computer. There you need to click on “Next” a couple of times, then on “Install”. After installation, go to the account in the program, specifying the e-mail and password used to register on the site.

Then the program needs to find out the parameters of your PC. We start the “Pass the test” process. After that, the system finds out the parameters of the computer and calculates the potential earnings. In the “Settings” section, you can increase or decrease the mining power. It is worth reducing the power, for example, if you want to run a demanding video game.

When mining is launched, the collected bitcoins will be automatically transferred to your account on the site. The data is updated approximately every two to three hours. Accordingly, you can also withdraw earned money several times a day. Bank cards, accounts, e-wallets and reliable Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets are available for withdrawing money.

How to earn more

If the computer is weak, then the estimated earnings will be small. Here are a couple of tips to make it bigger:

  • Extend your computer’s uptime. Do not turn off the system whenever possible.
  • Do not turn off mining if you need to work on your PC or play. In the settings, you can reduce the power, then the “lags” will stop.
  • Stay tuned for updates to your graphics card drivers. Install the latest versions.
  • Follow the exchange rate – if Bitcoin is growing, it makes sense to keep the money on the balance sheet or transfer it to the Bitcoin wallet.
  • For advanced users, try overclocking your graphics card. Remember that this is a risky move leading to overheating of the video processor.
  • For those who are ready to invest: buy a more powerful video card, or install a second one if the case and motherboard allow it.

As you can see, mining coins at home is still possible. Yes, the earnings are not that high, but the efforts, from a technical point of view, are much lower.

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