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Forecast for 2021: mobile development trends

Source: Statista

The Internet of Things is useful not only in the domestic sphere: it combines measurement tools from light and temperature sensors to complex integrated measurement systems. Developing applications to collect data from these systems can greatly simplify construction or, for example, exploration.

In the coming year, facility management via mobile apps will become even more widespread. Here are a few developments that can become commonplace:

  1. in medicine – hospital beds that read information about patients and send them to nurses,
  2. in logistics – monitoring of transport defects and localization of breakdowns,
  3. in the automotive industry, self-driving and flying cars.

And all these actions are controlled using a smartphone. In any field, you can find something that will make you special and your users extremely happy. Seek and apply!

Mobile wallets

According to forecasts of the Electronic Transactions Association, in 2021 the volume of the global mobile payments market will amount to $ 1326 billion (as opposed to $ 1100 billion in 2020). This growth is due to the convenience and security of smartphone payments. Therefore, eCommerce website owners provide buyers with the option to use a mobile wallet. This increases the audience and makes shopping more comfortable. As a result, the developers of mobile wallets are also doing everything possible to develop these technologies. So users will be able to manage business and personal finances, take loans and deal with the maintenance of transport and housing.

The related cybersecurity trend obliges mobile wallet developers to reliably protect user data. For example, cryptographic information encryption, blockchain technologies, tokenization and biometric authentication can be used for this. Working on fintech projects, we also pay great attention to data security. For example, the Ezuza project allowed South American residents to make secure mobile payments, receive commissions on transactions, and thus grow small and large businesses. Such a mobile wallet is a reliable assistant in various fields and simplifies everyday activities.

Smart clothes

Useful, wearable devices were initially popular mainly among young people. A striking example is fitness bracelets, which continue to benefit people: in the first quarter of 2020, analysts at the Svyaznoy retailer noted a 54% increase in sales compared to 2019. People began to be more interested in their physical condition, so even measuring the distance traveled in a day , has become relevant. Now the functionality of such devices is expanding: they measure the pulse, pressure and even the level of oxygen in the blood. This accelerates audience growth.

Further – more: now not only bracelets can be smart, but also other elements of the wardrobe. These are sneakers with a built-in Bluetooth tracker, a jacket that controls music, and a hat with earflaps that allows you to receive calls. Smart clothes are also applicable in the field of medicine: for example, smart socks and shirts for babies can transmit information about a child’s condition to parents’ smartphones. If in 2016 the share of smart clothes occupied 1% of the wearable device market, then, according to IDC Mobile Device forecasts, by 2021 it will grow to 9.4%.

Smart Apparel Sales Compound

Source: IDC Mobile Device

All these developments require synchronization with smartphones for convenient information transfer. Consequently, mobile development in this area will flourish as well.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

In the article about IT trends in 2021, we already wrote about the importance of artificial intelligence. This also applies to mobile development: chatbots and voice assistants will gain relevance. Even now, such applications not only help to solve simple questions, but also create the impression of a living interlocutor on the other side of the screen. This will develop the psychological sphere: people will be able to share their experiences, and the bot will highlight the main keywords and communicate with the user, helping to understand themselves.

AI is relevant for the banking industry. People don’t want to go to the nearest branch and wait for their turn to close an account or learn about currency conversion options. Neural networks will be improved to help people with basic requests, and bank employees will be focused on more complex and interesting tasks. In general, this can be said about most spheres of human life – if you shift the responsibility for basic issues to high-quality artificial intelligence, then people will be able to more freely dispose of time and knowledge, contributing to global progress.


Mobile development is what drives the growth of a wide variety of industries: medicine, finance, construction, science, business … At Azoft we create relevant applications so that people of any profession get what they need. Our main task is to solve your current business problems and create a quality product for you. We look forward to becoming your trusted technology partner. Write to us at [email protected], and we will develop something breakthrough for you.

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