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Facebook bans for deep links: what to do?

Also, for using a direct redirect (HTTP 302, 301), you can get banned regardless of which source you send traffic to, be it Instagram or any other source. This is because Facebook perceives such a deep link as disguising inappropriate content.

However, all of the above problems do not mean at all that you should give up on deep links, and in one of my articles I already wrote about how to make a deep link so that it is not banned.

There I wrote about the need to use a deep link with auto-transition setting, but I have not clarified some very important details, so I am writing about them here

How to link to Facebook without being blocked

To make a deep link to Facebook with an auto-feed setting, we need to select a link service, where such a feature is supported. For example, one of these is Jusl service

Deep link for Facebook step by step with auto-switching settings

And so, let’s get started.

1. Go to JuslBot and select “Add link”, and then select “Add a business card” (if you want you to have several buttons on the page with a description and a logo / or one button, but with a logo). Then send the first link: let it be a link to an Instagram channel (you can have a link to a specific post, etc.).

We sent the link, we will put the beauty on it later, and first set up auto-transition – the most important thing in order to avoid being banned from Facebook.

2. Set up auto-transition. To do this, click on “Auto transition” and choose “JS redirect “, either “No redirect. ” If you choose “No redirect”then the user will not be taken to the landing page unless they themselves click the button on the landing page, but this is also a safe way.

If you choose “JS redirect “, You can set up the auto-transition time, and the visitor will end up on the landing page anyway.

And, exactly what I mean DID NOT TELL in the last article: it is best to choose the auto transition time – 6000ms (you can probably bet less, but I tested this time, and Facebook did not block).

Better to choose the time 6000ms

Note: if your deep link page has a lot of buttons, then auto-transition can be configured for a specific button.

3. Setting up our deep link and making it beautiful. Let’s change the type of the link (all of a sudden we need a beautiful link), so click “Change link type “ and write its name. And with the buttons “Change title”, “Change description”, “Change logo”, give a nice look to the gasket page.

4. “Edit buttons” – with this function we can add more buttons, as well as edit the inscriptions on them. To edit the button label, click on our button link and use the functions “Change name” and “Change Description”.

Here’s what happened:

Deep link / multi-link for Facebook advertising

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