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Expectation of success – Forex for beginners from scratch

Hello, friends! Happy New Year 2021 to all of you! I would like to wish you successful trading, fulfillment of hopes and good results this year! And today we will talk about a rather important phenomenon, such as the expectation of success. Everyone knows that without success, life is monotonous, gray and joyless. This applies to any area of ​​human activity, including work in the markets. Every person wants and expects success. But the expectation of success is different for each of us. Someone expects success, dreams, makes plans, but at the same time does nothing else. The other person is constantly working on approaching success, but at the same time does not see himself as successful. What needs to be done in order for success to come to us this year?

Expectation of success and planning for the future

Many traders want to be successful tomorrow. They make plans for how they will someday spend money. Imagine what they will buy first and what a little later. In all such dreams and plans, the waste of money runs as a red thread. Everyone knows that spending money is not difficult. It’s hard to make money. Tomorrow something will be done and success will come. Most traders think so. Many of them expect a miracle when one open position can make them rich. But few people realize that accidental success will not bring happiness. One random trade can be very profitable. But the next trade can nullify the deposit.

System trading

Only systemic trading can bring any trader closer to success. One random trade that brings a good profit is great. But if this is followed by a series of losses, you may not even remember about success. Constant work on market analysis and adaptation of the trading system to its changes is the way out for everyone. If there are unprofitable trades and even a series of losses, this is not a big deal. Trading without losses simply cannot be. Just a good trader, always the profit covers the losses. A systematic approach to the trading process will increase the balance of the deposit. A stable increase in the deposit, this is the approximation of your own success.

Delayed life syndrome

Many market participants put off their success for later. Without realizing it, they postpone some important actions until tomorrow. “Now I’ll earn some more money today, and tomorrow I’ll do something to become successful.” Most traders think so. At the same time, something similar happens in everyday life. Some things are saved “for the exit”, some drinks or food are put aside “for a suitable occasion.” The man, as it were, pulls, pushes away from himself today. You need to live here and now, and not somewhere and then. Therefore, you need to make the most of your efforts to implement all your plans in the shortest possible time.

Ready for Success

It turns out that you still need to be prepared psychologically for the fact that success comes. If a person is not ready psychologically to become successful, success may not fully take place. Not only dreaming about the day when success will come. You need to clearly see your place in all this, you need to see yourself as successful. No wonder the ancient wisdom says that when the student is ready, there will definitely be a mentor. All this has a lot to do with the expectation of success. Until a person does not believe in himself, does not believe in himself, he is unlikely to become successful.

Yours faithfully,

Vitaly Pryadko.

01.01 2021

Moris Akline
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Speculative operations in the foreign exchange and stock market. Work with futures and indices on CME. Work on FORTS and RTS. Development of portfolios and investment strategies for clients. Knowledge of technical (price charts of various types, indicators and oscillators, trends, channels, support / resistance levels) and fundamental analysis, take note of news. I work according to my trading strategy in compliance with the rules of capital management and risk management. Development of trust management strategies. Technique of order execution, placing and changing protective stop-losses, hedging.
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