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Exchange contacts 2021: 3 fastest ways

Currently, QR codes are gaining great popularity in Russia, and the good thing is that you can bring people from offline to online – to the landing page you need, a group in social networks, to an e-mail card, to a pdf document, etc. etc. effortlessly. Especially in this respect, it is dynamic QR code

The essence of the dynamic QR code thing is inside the landing page is the same electronic business card, which we talked about above, and the information on this business card you can change at any time – add something relevant or delete something irrelevant (that’s why it is called dynamic).

Dynamic QR code can be placed on the sign at the entrance to the office, on posters and stands, on banners, leaflets, brochures and racks in the office / restaurant, on souvenirs (on key chains), on product tags and, of course, on a standard paper business card, and so on.

By the way, the aforementioned address tags for animals are sometimes made with a dynamic QR code.

Create dynamic qr code can be in this bot from the Jusl service… And in this article you can read instructions on how to create it

Additional features of digital business cards, nfc-tags and dynamic Qr-codes

For digital business cards, nfc tags and dynamic Qr codes, there are additional opportunities that are very important for the marketing component, such as web analytics and database collection… This is necessary in order to somehow interact with the assembled audience, for example, to make mailings. Web analytics is needed, for example, if you set up targeted advertising on Facebook or VK in order to “target” a similar audience. To implement these functions, metrics are connected to an electronic business card / multi-link: Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrica, Pixel Vk.

We have considered 3 modern and fastest ways to exchange information, which are used both for personal needs and exclusively for commercial purposes:

  1. Standard e-business card / multi-link;
  2. NFC tag;
  3. Dynamic QR code.

You can make such gizmos in the Jusl service.

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