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Effective management of the delivery service in Bitrix24

With the onset of the pandemic, many organizations were forced to “survive”. The organization of the delivery service for its products and the transition to a remote work format saved me.

The client contacted us with the problems of the courier service, and we competently organized the process in Bitrix24.

The customer is engaged in the sale of food products remotely through the website. All created orders were sent to the Bitrix24 portal in the form of Leads, which led to confusion, since this section of the CRM does not provide for such use.

Also, the clients were faced with the goal of automating the list of orders for delivery in the form of a specialized table.

Before Bitrix24, such a table was “assembled by hand”, and information for delivery was transmitted to the courier via WhatsApp, which took time and did not give any feedback on the result of receiving the goods by the buyer.

What we did:

A separate direction was created in transactions – the work of a courier service. When an order is placed on the website, it is sent to the portal in the form of a Deal.

The values ​​of the order number, order amount, contact information, type of delivery, delivery date are automatically transferred to the Deal, information about the order is displayed in the comment:

Transaction (order) card.

And also the delivery address:

Deal card. Information on the delivery of goods.

The Address (from client) field is transmitted automatically from the site. The field Address for the logistician is filled in after contacting the client and confirming the order information.

As soon as the transaction is transferred to the Logistics Formation stage, the courier is automatically assigned a task:

Automatic task for the courier.

It displays all the information required for delivery by courier.

All tasks are formed in a specially created Logistics group for ordering and quickly finding the desired task on order.

When delivering orders, the courier uses the Bitrix24 mobile application. Working with the list of tasks is simple and convenient: feedback to colleagues is received by closing tasks, in case of successful delivery. If necessary, the courier attaches photos to the comments confirming the delivery of the goods.

If there are any problems with the order, the courier can write a comment on the task and get feedback from colleagues.

Also, employees have the ability to control the list of tasks: which orders have already been delivered, and which ones require attention and communication with the courier to find out the reasons why the order was not delivered.

Additionally, a list of orders was created in the Logistics group to log all orders so that the process participants could get all the information if necessary.

Since the courier needs to limit the visibility of information related to money, the data is not displayed in the list.

The list contains a Delivery Status column, which automatically changes depending on the status of the task – when the task is closed, the status changes to Completed, if the task is not closed – In progress.

After the task is closed, the transaction is transferred to the Delivery Confirmation stage.

Result: the system automatically performs routine actions that were previously performed by employees in manual mode, the process becomes more controllable and transparent, since it is easier to track the courier’s work and you do not need to wait from him for a message about the successful delivery of the order in the messenger.

Everyone who uses their own delivery service and needs to automate its work – feel free to contact us for the implementation of your tasks.

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