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Customer service in social networks. What does the client want? The problem with many brands

People are buying more and more on Instagram stores, choosing local brands and paying attention to the goods that their friends are buying. And also – they are increasingly communicating with companies on social networks in order to attract attention to themselves, solve their problem and call brands to account, bringing a controversial situation into the public field.

By the way, in an earlier study of the same Sprout Social, it was found that 81% of respondents believe that social networks have increased the level of brand responsibility.

  • 80% – believe that social networks reveal bad faith.
  • 75% – that give the consumer an opportunity to speak out.
  • 65% – that they spread the problem on the network

Honesty and openness

Customers expect honesty, openness, and a willingness to solve a problem. However, the subject of appeal is not only dissatisfaction – according to the YouScan study, 78% of consumers use social networks to communicate with brands, and 60% of people, in principle, find it easier to communicate with brands on social networks.

Want an answer

And, first of all, they want an answer. Already at this stage, not all brands can provide the work of customer service at the proper level, skipping mentions or removing negative comments, instead of working out objections and demonstrating their openness.

Response speed and engagement

Most importantly, customers want a quick response. According to the study, 67% of customers expect their problem to be resolved within an hour. Now this request is processed using chat bots, scripts, templates – this is how the client receives an answer almost instantly, but without the support of operators, such reactions are often only annoying (how often did you yourself answer the robot with the phrase “I want to talk to a person”?)

The point is that the quality of the response and brand engagement are important to customers. Feeling human involvement, the client becomes more loyal, and a quick response or solution to a problem builds trust, a desire to come back again and advise a product / service to their loved ones.

Emotional response

Emotional response is the ultimate in customer service. Not so long ago, we wrote about the evolution of communication with a client in social networks, where we hypothesized that by 2025 the priority will be not generic phrases, but a personal appeal to each client. Focus on the consumer will not be released until the brand satisfies all of his needs.

But no one is stopping you from betting on empathy today, and this will definitely be a winning strategy. More and more experts say that the first place should be environmental friendliness and care for the mental health of customers, focus on personality and emotional communication.

Customer needs shape trends in the work of technical support-2021:

  1. Brand presence on a customer-friendly platform
  2. Automation and speed of response
  3. Emotional connection with the client

And if everything is clear with the first two points, then with the third it is not so simple.

Many brands fail to create the tech support of their dreams precisely because the customer service function is perceived as an expense rather than a strategic one. The case of Gett on the creation of customer service No. 1 and their motto “The better you treat your employees, the better they treat your company’s customers,” proves this in the best possible way. Therefore, it is important to remember that investing in customer care is the right decision, as the employees who are the advocates of the brand will be able to provide much better service, which in turn will drive the business forward and increase customer loyalty.

And brand loyalty, which, as we said, is born in the emotions of communication, directly affects the increase in LTV. That is why Tony Shay, the founder of, wrote that it is better to spend the money for attraction on working with the client, giving him a great service.

Thus, it is the high-quality work of the customer service that ensures the growth of the company’s profits. A striking example confirming this is the Tinkoff company, which received the Global Finance magazine’s award in the Best in Social Media Marketing and Services category in 2019, and expanded its customer base to 12 million users in 2020.

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