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Best Ways to Use Instagram Videos for Marketing Purposes

More and more businesses are using Instagram videos to promote their brand, and as a result, they reach a much larger audience.

Publishing photos of your product alone is no longer enough – if you don’t use video, you may find that your brand is simply lost on the web.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the power of Instagram videos.

Instagram video posts

The advantage of posting videos to Instagram is that your videos automatically play when people scroll through the feed. Therefore, it is important that the first few seconds grab attention, and the audience wants to watch the entire video.

Such a video, ideally, should increase brand awareness and interest in the product. To do this, post entertaining and creative videos using the appropriate hashtags.

Here are some examples of how to use Instagram videos effectively.

Product or service video

An Instagram video about a product or service should be fun and creative. Choose a cover image that encourages the user to click on the video. The most successful videos are those that provide information about a particular product or service with a brief description of the features and capabilities. Visitors to the page, after watching such videos, should clearly understand what your brand is.

Short commercials

Creating short commercials for your Instagram page can be a great way to creatively present your product or service. Such a video should be remembered and evoke positive emotions in the viewer.

Video tutorials

Video tutorials are very popular right now, and they are relevant in almost every field. In particular, the beauty industry is making good use of Instagram videos to promote their offerings.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the best place for temporary information, although they can now also be placed in the “Relevant from Stories” section of your page to save indefinitely. Stories can be used for various advertising purposes. Here are some examples.

Limited time offer

Is there a sale in your store? Or do you want to share a promo code? Stories is a great place for this kind of information. Use a hashtag to let other users know about your offer, or make it exclusive to your followers only. Many companies provide additional bonuses to their followers to reward those who have contributed to their brand’s history.

Getting to know the brand

People tend to buy products from companies that they feel connected to, and one of the best ways to build that connection is by talking about your company through Instagram Stories. You can show the audience your design, production process, employees. You can give people an idea of ​​how your day is going. Show how you prepare the product for shipping. All of this brings you closer to your customers and they will come back again.

Live streams on Instagram

It is best to warn about a live broadcast in advance in order to give interested users the opportunity to visit it. Even though the broadcast can be watched later (and saved to your profile if you wish), the key benefit is the ability to interact with those who are watching the broadcast in real time.

Here are some key tips on how to use live broadcast for marketing purposes.

Interact with your audience

Since viewers can ask you questions and comment, this is a great opportunity to offer them a workshop or workshop. The information you share should be relevant to your area. You have to be an expert in this matter in order to cope with all the questions that are asked to you.

Ether in the “question-answer” format

Another interesting way to interact with the audience is live broadcast in the Q&A format. So users can ask a question on any topic that interests them. You can also ask your subscribers to submit questions in advance, which will allow you to collect their email addresses and use in your marketing campaigns (make sure you have the user’s permission to use their email in this way).

New product launches

You can also create hype around a new product by releasing a teaser via a live stream – if you can generate curiosity, users will likely start following your profile so they don’t miss a product launch.

You are losing a lot if you still don’t use Instagram to promote your business. And remember, when it comes to social media marketing, there is no single path to success – you’ll have to experiment with different ideas to figure out what works best.

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