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Automation to the rescue: what tools do PR people use

The team of the sponsored content platform PRNEWS.IO prepared a material in which they talked about services to increase the productivity of PR specialists, press secretaries and marketers.

PR Tech: A Fashion Term or More?

Situational marketing has become one of the main trends, which in 2020 has confidently taken the place of a long-term planning strategy. In order to survive normally, brands need to be able to make decisions instantly and immediately implement them. This is where technology comes in.

Thanks to PR Tech, PR people (and not only) today can automatically:

  1. check the literacy of texts and perform search engine optimization (SEO);
  2. looking for news feeds;
  3. work with a reputation;
  4. set up auto-posting and launch mailings;
  5. develop and typeset visual content;
  6. looking for the right media for organizing publications;
  7. communicate with the media.

Literacy and SEO services

Literacy test in this case is not about factual errors or typos. This is more about checking content for consistency with style, which allows you to exclude stop words, clericalism, etc.:

  1. To “comb” the text, you should use Glavred or Maxim Ilyakhov made a really useful service that will make the article readable and remove all unnecessary things.
  2. “Typographer” Artemy Lebedev will help you to get the right document in terms of typographic norms (indents, spacing, punctuation marks and other beauties).
  3. SEO Writing Assistant will help you optimize the text in the absence of SEO – it will select the necessary keywords and phrases, recommend the optimal volume and check the uniqueness.

Search for news feeds

A text without an up-to-date news feed is of no interest to anyone. No one will read about what happened a couple of years ago or that soon, perhaps something will happen (well, or at least not). Moreover, such content will not be of interest to the media that are ready to publish the material for free.

Google Trends can help you find news stories that will arouse readers’ interest. It will show you the topics that are worth taking and will take into account user requests.

Working with reputation

A good brand image on the web is a guarantee of a quiet life. You need to work on this incessantly. If you leave your own reputation to the mercy of fate, this can result not only in the loss of a good name, but also in big losses up to the collapse of the company. Competitors or dissatisfied customers can ruin your reputation. And here the law is in effect: the image that the company has been building over the years can be covered with a copper basin in a matter of hours.

To monitor the emotional background around the business, they use Google Alerts,, LOOQME, InfoStream, Medialogia. They will help you find mentions of a brand in the media, assess the sentiment around a name, and study the behavior of competitors.

Socialbakers should be used to monitor social networks (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook). The service will allow you to compare information about competitors with information about yourself.

No time at all or why autoposting is needed

It is difficult to overestimate the effectiveness of mailing lists, but we must admit that sending letters to hundreds, if not thousands, of customers manually is a thankless task. The same can be said for social media posting. It’s good when it’s only Insta, but if you need to post regularly on all popular platforms?

For auto-posting, use SMMplanner, Promorepublic, Amplifr,, These tools will help you plan placement and provide viewing statistics. Most features depend on tariffs, but even free versions will give you an estimate of the usefulness.

Automate mailings in Mail Chimp. In the service you can set up a mailing list and get analytical data on it. Plus, he’s good at letter design. It helps when there is no designer on the staff. There is also a free version for small businesses, and there is a “cash” version for medium and large companies.

Decorate the content, otherwise they won’t read

Visualization is important. Boring text in the form of a brick is not interesting to anyone. Attention is attracted by:

  1. Good quality screenshots. You can use the Lightshot or Joxi online applications to create them, and to design.
  2. Slides, presentations and other decorations. This can be obtained using Canva, Crello and Prezi.
  3. Infographics. She is always good. Everyone loves beautifully designed numbers, graphs and charts. For infographics, there is Piktochart.
  4. High-quality pictures. Use Freepick or (free versions of images are provided).

Where to publish content to be read

Most of all readings will be given, of course, by specialized and federal media. Local companies are better off trying to publish content in local publications.

Of course, automation is not that important here. It is important that the content is relevant to the topic of the media, suitable in format and meets the needs of the readers. In addition, you need to take into account such characteristics as age, gender, region of residence of your audience.

To answer the question of how to choose media for publication, study the PR activity of competitors and analyze various media, their tone and subject matter.,,, and can help you find media outlets that publish content close to your industry.

And it is most convenient to choose specific media on the website of the PRNEWS.IO content marketing platform. Its media catalog includes over 55,000 publications worldwide. For your convenience, use the filter system.

How can I publish for free or inexpensively

Today, during the period of endless lockdowns and quarantines, there are not always free funds for PR and advertising.

In order not to spend extra money on publications, it is worth building relationships with journalists. Many publications will gladly publish good material – they just need high-quality interesting content, just like you need a publication, because the rating of the media depends on it.

For communication with media representatives, there are journalistic query services: Pressfeed,, HARO and

And remember: no one understands your topic better than you, you are the main expert! But don’t forget about quality. The quality of the content, its relevance and your professionalism will always attract the attention of readers!

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