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A call to action is an important element of an ad creative, website or landing page. Today we provide examples of effective calls to action and based on a post on the App Samurai blog, we give a short checklist on how to create a CTA.

1. Netflix: “30 Days Free”

The CTA button on the home page of the world’s most famous online service for watching movies and TV series was created taking into account all the “golden” rules: red color, highlighted value and an eyeliner that explains why the user needs to connect to the system. In Russian, the eyeliner seems to be quite long. In the English version, the phrase is shorter, but this is due to the peculiarities of the language.

2. Google Drive: two buttons for different target users

The cloud storage service for files and Google documents on the home page offers two calls to action at once. The first is short and capacious – “Open Disk”. It is available to anyone with a registered Google Account. The second is the button “Try disk for working in a group”, which leads to the page of the paid service Google WorkSpace. This button is more visible and highlighted in color. Most likely, this difference is due to the purpose of selling this service or attracting users for a free trial. But the idea of ​​differentiating the CTAs for two user groups is a good one.

3. Dropbox: “Register”

The call-to-action form of the famous cloud storage service is trivial. They want to get as many registrations as possible – they offer it on the first screen. By the way, it is interesting that on the full-screen version the registration form opens immediately after “landing” on the page. On the mobile version, the button is placed after the inviting title and the explanation of the service’s benefits

4. Spotify: Focus on Creative Headline

The music service focuses on the creative title on the home page: the phrase “Hear the whole world” in huge letters cannot be ignored. The CTA button is designed in the same color and offers to download the free version (attracting a user with a free service is always a good and “working” idea). By the way, on the mobile version of the page the proportions of the title and button are even better.

5. Grammarly: dynamic CTA

The Grammarly service has chosen a cool strategy – a dynamic call to action depending on the browser in which the site is opened. See for yourself. When opened in Safari, the button prompts you to install the service in Safari. When opened in Chrome – Install in Chrome (plus user ratings). The short and succinct add-on It’s free removes user fears and adds value to the offer.

6. Yandex.Plus: you only notice the button

Yandex.Plus brought its main offer of bonus points for subscriptions to the main page and decorated the button in the corporate logo color. On a white background, in fact, the eye immediately notices only her. Interestingly, after swiping, the button attaches to the bottom of the screen and follows the user.

7. Deezer: Focus on Premium Subscriptions

The music streaming service is interested in attracting users to a Premium subscription. Therefore, only this button is highlighted in color. And in the same color – the key offer – free use for three months.

8. Apple: no buttons at all

I would like to say: “When you can afford it.” But Apple really can! Minimalism and lack of flashy buttons also attract attention. Instead of buttons – active lines with capacious calls to action. And, yes, “Try it Free” Apple uses it too.

Checklist: How to Create a Clickable CTA

  1. Design more than just a button and button wording. It is also important to think about the context of the placement, “precede” CTA with explanations. As you can see, most of the examples presented contain such explanations.
  2. Keep risks to the user to a minimum. And communicate it in addition to your call to action.
  3. Separate CTAs for each user group.
  4. Use a vibrant design, but consistent with the brand colors and elements.
  5. Personalize (think of Grammarly’s dynamic CTA).
  6. Take a chance if you are confident in your proposal (as Apple does when it ditches the bright button).

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