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In-app ads (in mobile apps) are a great way to grab the attention of a wider audience. A variety of segments of the population spend their time here: from teenagers to older people. And with the pandemic, app usage has only grown. So, only in the first half of 2020, according to the App Annie report, an excerpt from which the Cossa portal shared, the time spent by Russians in mobile applications was 3.5 hours a day. This is 40% more than in the same period in 2019.

And a few more numbers. In a press release from App Annie, excerpts from which Newspaper shared. Ru, it is reported that in the third quarter of 2020, Russians spent $ 348 million (!) On mobile applications. More than half of them were in mobile games, namely $ 244 million.

Many more figures and facts can be cited, but there will be only one conclusion – the growth of the popularity of mobile applications will not stop. And among the trends of 2021, you can see that mobile apps are considered the key to business development. All this leads us to the fact that companies should move through this channel. In this article, we present 4 practices for advertising in a mobile application. And we will show how this can work on the example of real advertising campaigns of the BYYD platform.

1. Interactive formats

Traditional banners can be called a passive format. But mobile advertising in the application can be completely different – with the inclusion of interactive, which will attract the user and motivate him to interact with the advertisement. Interactivity is especially appreciated if the advertising message is “tied” to the product. Here are some ways to make your ads more interactive.

Add clickable elements that can literally immerse the user in the product. An example is our ad created for the Myllin Paras brand. We used the Rich Media format (dynamic ad creative), in which we first presented the product, and then offered the user to see the recipe options with the product. The screenshots are below, and you can click on the advertisement yourself here.

Include augmented reality elements to show how the product can “work” in real life. Best of all, this tactic is suitable for e-commerce brands in the field of clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, where the user can “try on” something on himself.

Use game elements. Gamification is a great way to make your ads memorable. We at BYYD have used this technique more than once. One of the latest examples is an advertisement for energy drinks Tornado Energy, as part of the campaign we have developed an almost real “mobile game” in the Rich Media format, where we showed how a game character passes levels, then “loses strength”, and they can be “raised” from with the help of a power engineer. Along the way, the advertisement shows the characteristics of each type of drink. You can watch this creative in full here.

2. Short messages

Mobile users often open apps on the go. Therefore, advertising in a mobile application should be short, clear and readable. Often, even 15 seconds is enough for the user to use the application (say, to see the weather). Therefore, it is sometimes not necessary to delay it for a long time.

3. Dynamic creatives

In the context of dynamic creatives, one cannot fail to mention the Rich Media format – advertising at the junction of banners and videos that attracts attention can involve the user (if you use gamification and interactivity, but we mentioned this earlier).

We at BYYD use Rich Media a lot. And one more example of many realized creatives – for the Alcon brand, namely the promotion of the Alcon Systane product, eye drops. We used “problematic topics” in one of the Rich Media banners – eye fatigue from reading. You can watch the ad here, and below are some screenshots.

Video games are also considered a dynamic format. For example, according to Western platform InMobi, the average click-through rate for mobile video ads during the first half of 2020 was 17 times higher than the average click-through rate for banner ads.

4. Calls to action that are effective and relevant

A clear message lets the user know what to do next. In general, the development of CTA is one of the main elements in any advertising, but for advertising in mobile applications it is of great importance.

There are two key questions to answer when developing the wording and design of a CTA element. First, what do you expect the user to take after seeing the ad? Second, how easy and easy will it be for the user to arrive at the final action on a mobile phone?

The best CTAs lead to the desired result not only because of effective ad creative, but also because the ad makes it easier to achieve the desired result.

In action, it looks something like this. Let’s say a seller wants to incentivize users to buy during the holiday season. What will be the next step for the user after viewing the ad? Some users can be brought into the brand’s own app. Others – to a third party, for example, to a marketplace, where the user can make a purchase. For others, it is important to see the address of a real store, then it is worth asking him to pave a route to the store. In general, the best CTA is a personalized CTA.

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